About Elisha

Established in 1972

Elisha is a Lover of Life, of Good Health, Living Fully, Loving Fully

Elisha lives with her sweet family in the rolling beautiful hills of SouthWest Virginia. She is a licensed massage therapist with over 25 years of experience and has been playing with internal martial arts since she was 16. She combined the two with intensive Tuina and QiGong healing training. She was an instructor at the Blue Ridge School of Massage and Yoga for 14 years. She attends births as a certified Birth Doula and also attends to people dying. She uses her focusing skills in everything she does. She is an artist, writer, mindfulness and taoist meditation teacher, and contractor/builder of her own beautiful cob house. She also loves to Kayak and be in nature as much as possible.  Her intention is to be fully present in each moment, each breath, deeply caring, deeply sharing, with sincerity, grace, relaxation, and skill for the good of all. 

Other fun: photography, bicycling, gardening, cooking, medicinal herbalism, puzzles, bird watching, dreaming, dancing, studying, snuggling

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